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Robot Calibration

In partnership with Dynalog Inc. (USA) - the world's leading supplier of robot calibration products - DiFACTO provides high precision industrial robot calibration solutions.

Robot calibration provides many useful benefits including:

» No touch-up of off-line programs

» Cloning, Mirroring and moving programs among different robots

» Quick program recovery after a crash

» Calibration of Robot, TCP and Fixture

» Ensuring high positioning accuracy for precision applications (cutting, welding, deburring, gluing)

» Temparature Compensation calibration

Dynalog's products include:

» DynaCalTM for robot cell calibration

» AutoCalTM for robot program recovery after crash

» 3D CompuGaugeTM for robot performance measurement

» DynaFlexTM for robotic gauging applications

Click here to visit Dynalog's website

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