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At DiFACTO, we understand very well that customers have a choice of other companies when deciding on their automation partner. Therefore, we have built our business philosophy on a simple premise: "Satisfy the customers' needs and the business will automatically follow."

Market Leadership:
DiFACTO was the 1st company in India to offer "Robot Engineering Services" - i.e. services for the successful implementation of industrial robots. At the time when DiFACTO started operations (January 2007), there were companies offering turnkey robot-based automation solutions. However, DiFACTO felt that there was a need for a specialized company offering pure robot-based automation services - to not only help customers with new automation investments, but also to enable customers optimize the use of their existing automation solutions equipment. Many times, manufacturing companies under-utilise their existing facilities, due to product/process changes, production constraints, inadequate training on auto-mation systems, insufficient documentation, etc. There is a huge opportunity to employ the specialized services that DiFACTO offers to plan, design and implement robot-based automation systems. DiFACTO has been a leader in the field of industrial robotic application engineering services and several prestigious companies are DiFACTO's clients.

Experience: DiFACTO has experience with many different industries, many different applications and many different robot types. DiFACTO has worked with industries handling delicate silicon wafers (a few microns thick) in clean-room environments to dusty, hot and humid environment while welding massive railway coach parts. The application experience ranges from straight-forward pick-and-place applications to complex path patterns to grind precious jewellery. DiFACTO has worked with almost all leading robot types in the world, and has received excellent support from these robot manufacturers to utilize and program their robots to the maximum capabili-ties.

Responsibility : Since DiFACTO does not supply any equipment, customers frequently ask us: 'What is DiFACTO's responsibility when something goes wrong in the project?' "I need a single point of responsibility - Whom should I contact for any production/equipment downtime?". Our answer is simple: "Contact DiFACTO ! We will coordinate with the other suppliers and solve your problem.". If DiFACTO has been designated to be the "single point of responsibility" in the project, then you need to talk only to DiFACTO..

Repeat Business: When DiFACTO starts a business relationship with a client, the only motivation for us to do so is to develop a long term partnership. As a result, on a monthly basis, more than 75% of our orders are from existing customers.

Standard Practices: DiFACTO believes in documenting our experiences after every project, and standardizing the process for each activity. The standard process is adopted for subsequent projects which involve the same activity (of course, subject to continuous improvements). This helps is maintaining a consistent quality of work to our customers with fewer chances of mistakes.

Cost Reduction: DiFACTO has tried to use innovative technology and business practices to improve the profitability of our customers. For example, DiFACTO believes that robot calibration techniques can significantly reduce start-up time of projects and help improve the maintainability of robot installations. This can potentially result in huge savings to customers in terms of down-time reduction, efficient utilization of equipment and reduced start-up times.

Financial Discipline: DiFACTO has been self-funded and therefore we understand the importance of profitability, cash flow and maintaining strict cost controls. DiFACTO has been profitable from the 1st full year of operations, and aims to implement cost reduction measures to enable our customers become more profitable.

Trained Workforce: DiFACTO's workforce is recognized in the industry as being knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional. Each of our colleagues are encouraged to enhance their professional qualifications as well as exposed to different projects (robot types, applications, customers) so that they are confident about the different situations that they could face. DiFACTO has its own robot training set-up to train and test new employees before they are sent on independent assignments at customer sites.

Business Ethics: Honesty, transparency, and quick response are the cornerstones of DiFACTO's interactions with all our associates - customers, employees, vendors and partners.

International Business Exposure: Customers everywhere are the same when it comes to expectations from vendors - uncompromising quality, continuous cost reduction, and demand a response when it is needed. However, DiFACTO understands that each customer has their unique requirements. DiFACTO has dealt with customers from Japan, USA, France, Spain and UK. Our teams have worked on overseas projects for varied periods of time. And we have tried to imbibe the best practices from each of our customers - Japanese attention to detail, American innovativeness, the flair and creativity of the Europeans - to improve our own practices and achieve "best in class" results. With such international exposure, we realise our own shortcomings and try to overcome them in order to better meet our customers' expectations in future.

Safety: DiFACTO's structured and standardized project implementation practice enables ontime project completion and eliminates last minute surprises and additional unplanned investments. DiFACTO's engineers practice and preach safety at all phases of the project.

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