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Robot simulation and off-line programming

Robot simulation and off-line programming (OLP) form the core of digital manufacturing technologies. DiFACTO has worked on several simulation and off-line programming projects in automotive body shops, spray painting, sealant application, machine tool load/unload, robotic assembly, material han-dling and laser/plasma cutting projects.

DiFACTO's Simulation/OLP Philosophy

"Engineers who work on robot simulation/OLP projects should have previous hands-on experience with programming robots."

Strict implementation of this philosophy ensures that the quality of DIFACTO's simulation/OLP studies accurately reflects the actual on-site conditions, and helps identify potential problems, which can be overcome right at the simulation/OLP stage.

DiFACTO validates the simulation and off-line programs through on-site services offered to customers as part of a complete turn-key solution. The quality of DiFACTO's simulation and OLP work has been recognized and appreciated by customers (please see "Customer Testimonials").